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Activist & Identity Stickers


Brightly designed Activist & Identity Stickers include 156 permanent stickers in 5 designs:

  • 30 First Nations, featuring the colours of the Medicine Wheel and Eagle Feather design
  • 24 Métis, from the Métis Flag
  • 24 Inuit, showing a stone Inunguaq (“imitation of a person”) set in a Northern landscape
  • 24 LBGTQI+, symbolized by the Pride flag
  • 24 Feminist decals in a bold, dark fuchsia

You can use these stickers as spine labels to identify book themes, to decorate personal items, or to add to stationery.

Daniel Puglas Art Cards


Punctuate a gift or mail a meaningful message with Daniel Puglas Art Cards.


Daniel Puglas Gwe Ek Kalis decends from the Gwawaenuk Tribe on his mother’s (Sally Williams) side and Mamalilikulla First Nation on his father’s (Daniel Puglas Sr.) side. Daniel was taught by his late grandparents, Hereditary Chief Fred Williams and matriarch Elsie Williams (Wamiss), who were well-known for wooden carvings and designing traditional wardrobes.

In addition to wooden carvings, Danny also creates bentwood boxes, plaques, masks, drawings & paintings. His art is well-known both locally & across North America.

Danny lives in Nanaimo BC, with his wife Tami and their two sons Daniel Puglas Jr. and Samuel Puglas.

Indigenous Appreciation Stickers


Brightly designed Indigenous Appreciation Stickers include 150 permanent stickers in 8 designs.  Includes 5  8.5″ X 11″ sheets of stickers

  • 20 Sun – Brilliant!!!
  • 20 Hummingbird – You Did It!!!
  • 20 Moon – Super!!!
  • 20 Feather – Great Work!!
  • 20 Snowflake – Good Job!!!
  • 20 Salmon – Well Done!!!
  • 15  Raven – Wonderful !!
  • 15  Wolf & Moon – Way to Go!

Teachers, Child Care Workers and Parents can use these to congratulate and appreciate childrens’ work.

Printed in Canada on 100% post-consumer recycled paper.