ISBN: 978-1-7778947-2-6

Love Your Creator: The Story of a Prayer Song


Discover the story and learn the strength of a song. This is the true story behind a song that was once a hymn remembered from residential school. With the help of his family and community, especially the determination of his son, and encouraging words of his Grandmother, Knowledge Keeper Quuia Charleson, (Nuu-Chah-Nulth) has reclaimed Love Your Creator and continues to share both the song and its story through oral tradition at events and on travels. Engaging illustrations by Stefan Brunette passionately portray the people and events in this exciting picture book for all ages.

Visit the books’s webpage for info, including free printable sheet music.

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  • 36 page perfect bound paperback

  • Audience: 5-12

  • Reading Level 6 (Fry Graph)

  • Printed and bound in Canada

Key concepts:

  • People of all ages have the ability to teach their culture.

  • Language revitalization is fun and rewarding work.

  • Residential school experiences affect survivors long after they have left.

  • Music has multiple benefits to people and community.

  • Elders are respected people. We honour their words.

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