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Mama Sasquatch


When searching for berry bushes, Nala becomes lost, alone in the forest! Fortunately, Mama Sasquatch hears her cries and keeps her safe through the night. The following day, Nala learns how Mama and Baby Sasquatch live in the forest away from people, and why.

Ages 3-7

Both a charming and soothing story for young children, Mama Sasquatch provides mesmerizing painted illustrations from Ditidaht First Nation artist and author Eva Swift.

About Eva Swift

Eva Swift is from Ditidaht First Nation, a community located on Nitinaht Lake, on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. As an artist, she has worked with different styles and media. She enjoys all types and forms of art. She also has a passion for writing and telling stories. Eva’s inspiration comes from a love of nature, animals, and landscapes. Mama Sasquatch is her first book and was inspired from her personal experience of seeing a Sasquatch.

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